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How Wandrer Reinvigorated My Love of Biking

20 February 2024 by Charlie LaNoue in community

We’ve all been there – for whatever reason, the thing that used to bring you joy no longer does. What to do?

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What Kind of Wandrer Are You?

20 January 2024 by Charlie LaNoue in community

If you’ve stumbled your way onto this blog post, chances are you’re already a Wandrer yourself. You probably already know the sweet satisfaction of pedaling down an unfamiliar road, knowing it will soon be another line on your ever-expanding Big Map.

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Wandrer December 2023 update: Hi from Hawaii 2

8 January 2024 by Craig in updates

Hello from the Wandrer Worldwide Headquarters, currently located in beautiful Hawaii 2 in Waldo County, Maine, USA. Never heard of Hawaii 2? Well, it’s kind of exclusive. We don’t like people finding out about it really. Maybe think of it as an exciting sequel to normal boring Hawaii?

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Traveling with a baby for a mountain biking vacation

22 September 2023 by Pearl in articles, community

Craig and I hesitated about having a baby for a long time because we weren’t sure it would be possible to continue having adventures once we were responsible for a little one. But we haven’t stopped! We bike toured in Taiwan from age 4 to 6 months and spent almost a month at my family’s home in Maine at age 11 months. And last week we took a road trip to Bentonville, Arkansas, primarily to mountain bike with a group of riding friends while also hanging out with our 13-month old baby. I wanted to share a little bit about what we found in Bentonville and our experience traveling to mountain bike with a little one in case the info is helpful to anyone else.

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