Hidden cowboy

22 October 2021 by Pearl

A fun consequence of working at Wandrer is getting to see lots of different maps of where wandrers have ridden. And sometimes those maps have hidden surprises contained within!

Take this map of Seattle, for example. This wandrer has ridden 37% of the 1919 unique miles of road in Seattle (that’s 714 unique miles ridden). A map of Seattle with blue lines indicating that 37% of the city's roads have been ridden

If you zoom in on the Capitol Hill neighborhood, it looks pretty much like any other neighborhood in the map: A map of Seattle with blue lines indicating that 37% of the city's roads have been ridden

But once you see this ride that helped to fill in the map (shared via the Reddit r/wandrer group), you realize that there’s a cowboy hidden in the Capitol Hill neighborhood! An image of a bike ride in the shape of a cowboy's head

Given the pace that this wandrer is covering ground in Seattle, I’m guessing it won’t be visible for too much longer. We love seeing examples of keeping riding fun and silly!

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