March is Sign Appreciation Month at Wandrer!

19 February 2023 by Pearl

During our bike tour of Taiwan, Craig and I have spent a lot of time looking at and chatting about all the great signs we see. We decided that it’s high time to celebrate signs, have some fun with all you Wandrers, and give out a few prizes too!

Here is how Sign Appreciation Month will work. You get out and explore, hiking, running, and riding new roads as always. Along the way, capture images of your favorite signs and send them to us by Instagram / Twitter / email. Include #wandrersignappreciation2023 and tag us on your social media posts. (Fine print: sending in an image means that you’ll allow us to repost your image with attribution). The images must be taken by you in March 2023.

And now the fun part .. prizes! The top prize will be a gift certificate for one year of Wandrer Extra Lost, which you can use for yourself or give away to a friend. Everyone who submits a sign image will be entered into a raffle to win this gift subscription. We will also give away 20 of our NEW patches! Ten patches will be randomly selected for gifts and an additional 10 patches will be awarded to the top 10 best signs entered (as selected by an expert judging committee).

You will be entered into the patch giveaway raffle each time you submit a photo, but you can only win one patch. We are thrilled with our new patch designs. If you win, we’ll reach out to ask which design you would like.

Submissions are open and eligbile from March 1st - March 31st. On Monday April 3rd we’ll select winners and announce them via the blog and Instagram. Throughout the month we’ll be sharing out all the fun images that you find!

The new Wandrer patch designs:

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