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What's new at Wandrer: February 2023

28 February 2023 by Pearl in updates

Another month has flown by, very quickly as our time has been divided between working on Wandrer, finishing our bike tour in Taiwan, and taking care of our sweet little growing baby. So what have we been up to at Wandrer?

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March is Sign Appreciation Month at Wandrer!

19 February 2023 by Pearl in updates, community

During our bike tour of Taiwan, Craig and I have spent a lot of time looking at and chatting about all the great signs we see. We decided that it’s high time to celebrate signs, have some fun with all you Wandrers, and give out a few prizes too!

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Scooters of Taiwan

13 February 2023 by Pearl in updates, community

Curated by Craig, our favorite scooters of Taiwan. Shortly after we arrived, Craig noticed that there are many, many delightful scooter names and mottos all over the city. There are also a TON of scooters. It’s pretty common that we’ll be out walking and I’ll go to say something to Craig, only to realize that he’s giggling to himself about 30 feet behind me at a new scooter. Don’t worry, we’re not done with the trip and I’ll keep updating these as we go! Cheers, your diligent scooter documentation team.

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What's happening at Wandrer

31 January 2023 by Pearl in updates

Congratulations to our yearly competition winners for 2022! Our top Wandrers for 2022 were graubünden (17,845 unique miles / 28,718 unique km on bike) and Pierre Paladin (3,312 unique miles / 5,330 unique km on foot). It boggles my mind to even contemplate traveling those distances by bike or on foot in a single year. This month we also highlighted two folks who use Wandrer and have done some impressive exploring, Bryan Bischof and Aaron Chamberlain.

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