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Exploring Texas by bicycle

29 January 2023 by Pearl in articles

We enjoyed reading about Aaron Chamberlain’s journey around Texas in Texas Monthly. You can read details about each week: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. It’s inspiring to read how adventures can be found close to home. Reading such a detailed ride report is a good reminder that these adventures aren’t always easy either, with unexpected hills, wind, physical discomfort and the mental funks brought about by such challenges.

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What does it take to walk every street in Berkeley?

24 January 2023 by Pearl in articles

The Berkeleyside wrote an article about Wandrer user Bryan Bischof’s quest to walk every street in Berkeley (approximately 288 unique miles / 463 unique km). Attempting to reach 100% is essentially impossible and maintaining > 99% requires dedication (new roads can be added with an update, making the 99% achievement frustratingly fleeting). As Bryan describes it though, that is “the futility of perfection”. If you see someone walking an adorable dog named Ravioli (:swoon:) in the Berkeley area, it’s probably Bryan! Good luck getting back above 99%.

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Planning a Wandrer team adventure in Taiwan

21 November 2022 by Pearl in updates

Craig and I are planning our next big Wandrer adventure - a trip to Taiwan to cycle tour and work remotely. Of course, the real adventure is that we had a baby in August and have embarked on a lifelong parenting journey. Thus far, we are blessed with an easy baby, which makes taking her on a months-long adventure seem possible. The decision to have a baby was not an easy one for us, in no small part because we did not want to lose out on the ability to explore the world, both locally and further afield. This trip is a mission to prove to ourselves that it can be done.

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Wandrer on the Singletracks podcast

27 June 2022 by Craig in community

Craig sat down with Jeff from Singletracks and talked about all things Wandrer: where it came from and where it’s going. And of course, he had to give a shout out to the most skilled mountain biker of all time, Chris Akrigg 😘

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