Traveling with a baby for a mountain biking vacation

22 September 2023 by Pearl in articles, community

Craig and I hesitated about having a baby for a long time because we weren’t sure it would be possible to continue having adventures once we were responsible for a little one. But we haven’t stopped! We bike toured in Taiwan from age 4 to 6 months and spent almost a month at my family’s home in Maine at age 11 months. And last week we took a road trip to Bentonville, Arkansas, primarily to mountain bike with a group of riding friends while also hanging out with our 13-month old baby. I wanted to share a little bit about what we found in Bentonville and our experience traveling to mountain bike with a little one in case the info is helpful to anyone else.

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Bike touring with a 4-6 month old baby in Taiwan

29 March 2023 by Pearl in articles, community

We had a wonderful time on our bike touring adventure in Taiwan with our little 4-6 month old baby. Our confidence to try touring was very much inspired by two mini-guidebooks (Cycle Touring with a Baby/Toddler, Cycle Touring with Two Young Kids) written by Maya and Gili on the Life in MAGIc Land blog. Since we learned so much from them, I wanted to share our thoughts here, in case they can be of interest/use to others.

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Wandrering the winter cycling capital of the world

4 March 2023 by Pearl in articles, community

Craig and I have very much enjoyed learning more about winter cycling from Wandrer Pekka Tahkola, an urban planner and well-being engineer who lives in Oulu, Finland. We recommend following him on social media (Instagram / Twitter / YouTube). Oulu is the the winter cycling capital of the world and this BBC News short video and Pekka’s head-to-head Winter Safe Cycling Showdown make it clear why.

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Exploring Texas by bicycle

29 January 2023 by Pearl in articles

We enjoyed reading about Aaron Chamberlain’s journey around Texas in Texas Monthly. You can read details about each week: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. It’s inspiring to read how adventures can be found close to home. Reading such a detailed ride report is a good reminder that these adventures aren’t always easy either, with unexpected hills, wind, physical discomfort and the mental funks brought about by such challenges.

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What does it take to walk every street in Berkeley?

24 January 2023 by Pearl in articles

The Berkeleyside wrote an article about Wandrer user Bryan Bischof’s quest to walk every street in Berkeley (approximately 288 unique miles / 463 unique km). Attempting to reach 100% is essentially impossible and maintaining > 99% requires dedication (new roads can be added with an update, making the 99% achievement frustratingly fleeting). As Bryan describes it though, that is “the futility of perfection”. If you see someone walking an adorable dog named Ravioli (:swoon:) in the Berkeley area, it’s probably Bryan! Good luck getting back above 99%.

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Everything You Need to Know About Wandrer

27 September 2021 by Pearl in articles, reviews

Jessica Coulon wrote an extensive description of Wandrer for Bicycling Magazine, including an interview with Craig. Read all about it on their site. Thanks, Jessica, for taking the time to write about Wandrer!

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Article about Wandrer in CyclingTips

29 August 2019 by Pearl in articles, reviews

Thanks to the Caley Fretz at CyclingTips for this write-up about Wandrer! It did temporarily overwhelm the site with an influx of traffic, but that’s certainly a good problem to have.

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