Everything You Need to Know About Wandrer

27 September 2021 by Pearl

Jessica Coulon wrote an extensive description of Wandrer for Bicycling Magazine, including an interview with Craig. Read all about it on their site. Thanks, Jessica, for taking the time to write about Wandrer!

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Article about Wandrer in CyclingTips

Thanks to the Caley Fretz at CyclingTips for this write-up about Wandrer! It did temporarily overwhelm the site with an influx of traffic, but that’s certainly a good problem to have.

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Learning Your City, For Better and Worse

Jon describes his adventures riding > 90% of the roads in his hometown of Wigan, UK on the Wet, cold, and angry blog. This description is an entertaining read for those of us who live in an area with many Low Traffic Neighborhoods (extensive cul-de-sac neighborhoods) and have attempted to systematically ride a significant portion of said neighborhoods. Deeply learning about your city isn’t always roses and cherry pies – there’s bad (or nonexistent) cycling infrastructure and depressingly poorly maintained neighborhoods (we’ve observed both of these in Atlanta, too). Jon points out some of the good consequences to this type of completionist exploring, such as knowing the best route from any given points A to B. A highly recommended read and congrats, Jon, on your Wandrering accomplishment.

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