Summer is here!

12 June 2023 by Pearl

We’ve made it to early June and summer is in full force here in the northern hemisphere. We’re eating watermelon, splashing in the pool, and taking advantage of the extra light to squeeze in a little more exploration. I’ve been sneaking in work during our little 10 month old’s naptimes and it feels good to start to have a bit more consistency as she settles into a nap routine.

Sneaking in a little work and watching the baby sleep.

Here’s what we’ve been working on for the last month:

Go someplace together! Improvements to the browser extension

Craig has added a new feature to the Wandrer browser extension. If you update your browser extension to at least version, you’ll be able to add other Wandrers to your extension in order to view their data in addition to yours (note: they must be upgraded Wandrers as well). We hope this feature makes it easier to get out and explore with your friends while maximizing new roads for everyone. Unfortunately, this feature won’t work with RideWithGPS at the moment due a technical limitation on how we display the map overlay on the RideWithGPS website. In addition to developing this feature, Craig also improved compatibility with the Garmin and Komoot websites during this past month.

Click on the "Add User" button if you want to add a friend.

You'll need to know your friend's browser extension key. They can find the key on their Settings page.

The untraveled roads view for three Wandrers. No line? We've all traveled it. One line = one person is missing it, two lines for two folks missing it, three lines for new to all of us.

Small-batch artisanal Wandrer stickers are here

We heard from a few folks who were more interested in sticker versions of our patches. I ordered a small batch of stickers as a test run. They are matte, 3”/7.5cm circles and pleasant muted colors. The cost is $5 per sticker including shipping. If you’re interested in buying a sticker(s), please email me to start your order. Hurry, we only have 10 of each! If demand is high, we’ll place a larger batch order.

Our new stickers, available for sale by sending an email to me.

Got a question? We may have an answer available right away

This month I finished writing our new Frequently Asked Questions page. The FAQ link is located on Wandrer’s header and available at Of course, if your question isn’t answered on that page, please do continue to reach out. We’ll continue to update the FAQ page based on the questions we receive.

Our new FAQ page. I hope it's helpful!

Map data transition

Since my last update, Craig has continued working on transitioning to a new way of referencing our map data. In order to make this transition, we have to make sure our current data is accurately captured by the new data and double check to make sure our current data doesn’t contain any unexpected bugs. We’re excited about where we’re going with the new system because it will allow us to develop new features we’ve wanted to release for a long time. Fret not, we’re hard at work and we will bring back map updates once we’ve got the new system in place.

Media Rec

Towson University magazine wrote an article about Wandrer Elliott Plack, who has run 100% of Towson, Maryland US (579 streets, 179 mi / 288 km). Now he’s targeting Baltimore County, a bigger project with 4176 mi / 6720 km. Good luck, Elliott!

That’s all I have for this month’s update. As always, reach out if you have any questions. I’ll leave you with this collection of images from our adventures this past month. Happy exploring!

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