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Display a 5 km circle on your map

20 August 2021 by Pearl in features, updates

Craig recently added the option for our Australian friends to add a 5km circle on top of their Wandrer map in order to explore right up to the edge of allowable roads during lockdown. If you’ve ridden in Australia in the last month, then you should see a 5km button on the left-hand side of your screen. Click that button to activate!

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Having more fun with Wandrer

17 August 2021 by Pearl in reviews

CyclingAddict.cc describes how Wandrer helps spice up riding and keep things interesting (even when close to home) in this article. Thanks for the kind words and keep exploring!!

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I am a Wandrer!

16 August 2021 by Pearl in reviews

Mark from Cyclesnack proudly declares: I am a Wandrer! Yeah! Read all about using Wandrer + RidewithGPS to plan routes through new roads here.

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Reasons to Wandrer from One Day's Ride

20 April 2021 by Pearl in reviews

Over on the One Day’s Ride blog, Rob describes finding motivation to try Wandrer at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 and how the game enriches his exploration of the world on two wheels. Thanks for the write-up and keep exploring, Rob!

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